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Boquete Health and Hospice is sponsoring a Heroes Blood Drive at Animales Event Center from 7am - 12pm, on Saturday October 21, 2023.

The Blood Drive Matching Fund allows people who can not donate blood to be able to participate in the drive.  For every blood donor you match their donation with a $ amount.  You set the amount and you can set an upper limit.  When the drive is over, we will email you with your matching donation amount and you can pay at the Tuesday Market Table or ACH transfer to our bank .  You also can pick up your Blood Drive Matching Donor Card which if you need blood in the future will give you priority.

The Matching Fund will help attract blood donors and help Hospice with all its community work.

Remember every pint of Blood saves 3 lives.

Blood Drive Matching Fund Donor List

Laurie & Kelly Collier

Natalie & Michael Kelly

Price & Susan Peterson

Daniel & Soriana Forbes

Lawrence Bunyard

Linda & Doug Avery

Penny Barrett

Caesar Sherrard

Sally Zigmond

Kat McKay

Brandy Gregory

Trish Christofferson

Steve & Cheri White

Paul and Welthy Myers

Bill Hinrichsen

Karen Schwartz

Ada Yip

Esther Leung

Kim & Robin Ward

William Hurley

John and Babbie Earle

David Mullis

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